If you played World of Tanks you know that most games end in less than a minute, at least for you. The explanation is in the small mistakes you make. Eliminating them will boost your success in the game and make you a better player. So, what are those mistakes?

The first and the most common is moving alone across the battlefield. Usually, all beginners make this mistake and all of them will get destroyed within the first few minutes. World of Tanks is a team-based game, so alone, you won’t be able to accomplish almost anything. Furthermore, never leave the rear end of a tank visible. On 99% of vehicles in the game, the rear end is the weakest and also located next to the fuel tank, ammo and etc. All of this means that single hit here will destroy your tank.

Don’t chase distant enemy tanks. You may see one which is appealing for hitting, but if it is far away, you will get 2 times destroyed before you reach it. It also means that the enemy tank will have need time to hit you two times!

Power or speed?

In general, you will have the possibility to choose between powerful (heavy) tanks and fast (lightweight) tanks. Choosing the right one will depend on your gameplay. If you want to move around the map and help others destroy tanks, lightweight or medium are perfect. If you want to destroy tanks all by yourself, a heavy tank is needed. But, why not use all of them?

Finally, the World of Tanks Hack is available. It unlocks all the tanks and upgrades, it gives you funds and resources and it does all of that in no time at all. The hack will place you among the highest-rated players across the world and assist you in developing a garage full with powerful tanks.