Résultat de recherche d'images pour "seo"The coding is finished, hosting service is chosen, and now the website just needs traffic. The start of a new website is exciting, but without it indexed on search engines, there won’t be much success. An owner needs to submit a website to search engines to have them indexed. Most users find websites using search engines called “The Big Three.” These three search engines are Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Submit a Website Using a Submission Service

For a charge, website submission services are available. These services promise to submit a website to several search engines including Bing, Google and Yahoo. These services submit to even small, unknown search engines, which brings a website a few clicks a month in traffic. These services normally start at approximately $20 per website.

Before a site owner chooses this option, ensure the submission service does not submit a website several times. “Spamming” search engines can cause the site to get banned and de-indexed.

  • Pros: Low cost service for people who are unfamiliar with the process to submit a website to a search engine
  • Cons: Some submission services spam the search engines, which cause the website to be de-indexed and banned

Submit a Website Manually

Each search engine provides a “Submit a Website” link. If the website owner has the time, he can submit a website manually. Once the website is indexed on the main search engines, the link propagates to smaller search engines. Adding a website to a search engine does not guarantee it will be indexed. However, most search engines honor a new website submission and the domain is indexed within a few weeks. The following are the URLs to add a website to Bing, Yahoo and Google.

  1. Google – Submit a Website URL to Google
  2. Yahoo – Submit a Website URL to Yahoo
  3. Bing – Submit a Website URL to Bing

This process does not take too much time, and it does not take much experience for a website owner. A website owner can submit each website manually, saving money.

  • Pros: Free and does not take much time
  • Cons: Only submits to three search engines

Gaining Backlinks

Since search engines crawl websites and follow links, gaining backlinks to a website facilitates indexing. If the website has backlinks from articles, blogs or on other websites, it can be indexed even quicker than when the site is manually submitted. Backlinks also improve PageRank in Google and help boost visibility in search engines. This process is more time consuming and harder to obtain, but some longtime website owners are able to obtain backlinks quickly. If you don’t know how to start this, you can always look for link building services.

  • Pros: Facilitates search engine indexing without paying to submit a website from a submission service
  • Cons: More difficult to obtain backlinks and takes longer. Link building can take months and even years.

These three methods to submit a website to search engines gets a site up-and-running. After the website is indexed, the real work begins. Provide unique, compelling content for users to continue gaining rank in each search engine.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "shock collar dog"These days, more and more dog owners are seeking the help of training so as to bring changes in the dog’s behavior and to make them skillful. Through the means of training your dog will perform better and will learn numerous things which will be beneficial for its growth. For this purpose, many of them are using shock collars as they are very effective and give the best results. They are worn around the neck of the dog and they come with a remote to manage their functioning. Varieties of collars are available in the market. You can also buy them from online stores at discounted rates.

Why consider collars?

They vary from size to size depending on the neck size of dog. So, in case if you have large dogs then you can prefer shock collar for large dogs as well. There are many companies that deal in large collars; in fact you can also have your own customized collar according to your requirement. Customization will help you in saving your money and time which you can utilize on your dog training.

They also help in controlling the barking of your dog as with its help you can give them a little shock due to which they will stop barking. Doing this, they will learn at what time they should bark and how often they should bark. It will also help in controlling the behavioral changes in your dog; overall by using them you can bring changes in your dog.

Different modes of collar

These collars come in three different types of modes which are:

  • Shock mode
  • Beep mode
  • Vibrate mode

Shock mode gives an electric current on neck of dog with the help of two contact points. This will cause little discomfort but it will not have any adverse effect on their condition. In beep mode, beep will be emitted when the controller will be pressed. Similarly, in the vibrate mode, the collar will vibrate.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Every one of you will be familiar with Oracle Corporation and its technology, but very less people know about their CEO and other persons due to which they have become so famous. One of those persons is Mark Hurd CEO of Oracle Corporation and also one of the members of board association. Mark did a lot for bringing his company to this level and all this was possible because of his thinking and innovative skills. Before joining Oracle his past life was difficult little bit but after joining this company he himself told that he has seen many changes in him.

Goals of Mark

From the day of joining the main aim of Mark was to do something for the customer and for this he did a number of tantrums and put all his skills for their welfare. The second aim was to ensure that every person should get benefit from technology and can use their services whenever it is needed from any means i.e. either offline or online. In fact, he also received many well known credits and awards for the work that he did. In 2009, he was awarded by the Chronicles of San Francisco for work that Mark did for betterment.

Achievements of Mark

Along with all these things, he is also planning for the future and has taken many decisions through which their work will become easy and technology will reach to every customer. The leadership quality is the key and highlighted things that made him so famous and popular. In fact, many youngsters want to be like Mark so that they can stand on their foot and can make their name shine. The name of Mark was also listed several times in the famous business magazine 2.0. Along, with this, his name also appeared in the Forbes list of best executives and in CRN magazine his name appeared separately two years.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "epilator"Experience the long lasting smoothness only with the epilators that will stay with you for at least a month. Yes, you read it right! Hair removed through epilators will stay smooth for up to 4 weeks or sometimes even longer. It removes the hair from your roots so; it takes a long time to grow back. Other creams remove hair only on the surface so you would experience the growth immediately.

Remember, the creams are painless but epilator are very gentle which is proved by the epilator reviews posted by most of the women who have already tried and tested them. You will experience a minor pull and your skin will automatically start adjusting to it. You can also try little session and later try with the complete removal. If you use it for more than two times, you will start enjoying the epilating experience.

The epilators are not designing just for your legs but they work efficiently on hands, underarms, stomach and other areas where the hair growth is more. They are also more effective and efficient than waxing. Waxing at home is very messy and it needs a lot of time and patience because you have to clean up after a complete waxing process.

In the case of an epilator, it does not take time and cleanup is not required at all. They are very effective than waxing. You can use epilator any time and it is great for sensitive hair. If you are suffering from sensitive hair, you must shift to epilator soon or later.

Get ready for a quick epilation session and enjoy the hair removal experience never like before. They are always the best and cost effective method of hair removal.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "graphic design"Website is an important part of all the businesses. No matter whether you have an online business or the offline business only having the website will enable your business to gain visibility among the wide range of customers. Thus, it is very important for the businesses of all the types to have the best website which is functional. To attract the large number of customers on your website, it is very important to invest in making your website attractive. The websites which look attractive will attract the customers on the website and hence there is a higher customer conversion rate on that website. Web designers deliver the functional and measurable websites which helps the business to attract the large number of customers.

Hire the services of the graphic designer

To make the website attractive, web designer plays an important role. Web designer is the professional who looks after the graphic designing of the website and makes sure that the website has the best graphic design. They have plenty of ideas and thoughts that enable them to have the best design of the website according to the needs and requirements of the business. Graphic designer services are available online also which makes it very convenient for the customers to access the services.

Web graphic designer offers

  • Logo designing
  • Advertisement designing
  • Banner designing

Ensures the better interface

The main purpose of graphic designing for the web is to provide a better user interface to the website visitors. It enables the customers to easily navigate the website and feel comfortable to spend more time on a website. Web designers pay more emphasis on the appearance of the website and make sure that the text and the pictures are optimally distributed on the website. Designers do every kind of designing to make the website attractive and engaging.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "mark hurd"Every manger has a different management style and it is his style that matters to the company. Hence, it can be said that the manager or the top management of the company is greatly responsible for the taking the company to a new height. One of such managers who has used his business skills, professional knowledge and experience in improving the sales and profitability of the business corporation is Mr. Mark Hurd. He is the present CEO of Oracle Corporation which has its headquarters in California, United States. Mark Hurd CEO of Oracle has gained popularity around the world because it was after his joining in 2010 that the company has witnessed a remarkable growth in the sales and hence the revenues of the company have also grown to a substantial level.

Cost cutting strategy

When he was in HP as a CEO from 2005 to 2010, he laid off nearly 10% workforce for cutting cost to the company. Along with this, he also cut down the cost by reducing the number of employees from other departments of the company and ordered for the temporary cut from the salary of the remaining employees. He is more focused on achieving the short term targets but he used to have long terms plans for the company. Short term plans helped him in achieving the realistic goals and to set the company’s strategies according to the need of the present market situation.

Focused on innovation

He also emphasizes on research and innovation. Hence, Mr. Mark ensures that atleast 20% of the revenue of the company is used for innovation. It helps the company to stay competitive and get the lead in the industry. It is due to his intense efforts in innovations in the IT industry that has led to the popularity of the cloud technology. He is still consistent with the innovation in cloud technology to make it accessible for almost every purpose to the common users.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "gold ira"There are many reasons why you should consider such an investment instead of stocks The American law gives a little freedom to those who want to make a great deal as a retirement plan. There are no huge pensions, no big help from Social Services, no nothing. You have to choose on your own how to ease your life after the age of 65. If you already have an IRA, you should invest in a gold IRA that will help you more.


Why to choose a gold IRA?


First of all you only pay the taxes once, when you withdraw your funds. Gold can never depreciate, it is not touched by the inflation, so it’s value can only grow. This way you save money two times, for your future and from taxes. Second, gold is wanted at any time, even if it is as a raw industrial material or as a jewelry. It doesn’t matter. It will never go down, only up. In this case, you can also invest in the stocks of a gold mine, because in many cases the gold price rises when there are economical tanks or a stock market crash. Third you can choose your funds’ custodian, a trustworthy institution that keeps safe your earnings. In this case you are far from scams or other stuff like that.


The process followed to rollover your IRA


Funding is the first part. You can either make a new contribution to your existing IRA and have the opportunity to invest in precious metals or rollover the funds from other IRA into a gold IRA.


Selecting the dealer is the second part. You can find one on your own or instruct the custodian to do it.


Shipping and storing the gold is the final step. The dealer ships it to the custodian’s deposit because individuals can hold precious metals only with a custodian. You can read everything here: Focusontheuser.org/gold-ira-rollover.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "removal companies"Gone are those days when shifting from one place to another was tough, as you had to do all the things from planning to packaging and labeling. Now, it has become quite easier because of the professional movers and packers which mean all you have to do is just pick your mobile phone and call them, after this rest of the work will be done by them. By hiring them, you can reduce your tension and stress level as you can relax because the work is in the safe and professional hands.

They are familiar with all these works and they know how to pack everything in a well maintained and proper manner. One of the additional benefits of hiring them is safety and security. Most of the time it is seen that at the time of moving goods and other valuables have to suffer from physical damage, with them this problem can also be sort out. They will pack everything in a safe manner either in the plastic sheets or bubble warps and will load and unload every carton and box efficiently. France is one of the countries where there is huge demand of professional movers and due to this many companies are offering removals to France services.

Tips for selecting professional removals

  • Know whether they have any hidden costs or not that are not mentioned in the quotations or in their estimated charge.
  • Give all the necessary information to the movers regarding those items which have to be moved.
  • Always take the insurance policy and read all the documents carefully before you sign and ask all those points which you are not able to understand.
  • Check all the certifications of the company as it will help you in knowing whether the company is trustworthy or not.

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "ecommerce business"For the entrepreneurs, the initial years of their business building can be very crucial because these are the years which require intense efforts to establish the business and determine the fate of your business.  Despite you have the wonderful business idea you can’t achieve success until you have the knowledge about the idea implementation and to carry out the business process. Hence, you will need the assistance for learning about the tips and strategies that will help you to establish a million dollar business by following the few steps only. 100k factory revolution is one of the greatest programs which are created to help the budding entrepreneurs to grow their business without any trouble.

Comprehensive program for creating the ecommerce business

According to the reviews of this program, two versions of it have already been published by the founders of this program. The main idea of such program is to provide the best guidelines to the business that utilizes certain principles for growing the business faster and ensures its scalability and profitability.

In the latest version of 100k factory, you can learn about the sites which can help you to increase the income of your business at an amazing faster rate. It also helps in driving a large number of web traffic on your website by using the tools like:

  • Ads on top social media websites
  • Make the content to go viral
  • Custom in-house traffic generation
  • Taking help from Search engines

Training provided in the program for growing your business

There are many such robust training programs for the ecommerce companies. It consists of the training manuals in PDF format and training videos which allow the users to learn the tips and strategies for boosting the business. The training duration of the programs for growing ecommerce companies varies from one program to another. Hence, you can buy the best program kit according to your budget and needs.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "bisexual"It is normal for many people to be bisexual in their life. Bisexual people also like to date many people or couples according to their likes and feelings. But sometimes it is hard to find or date such people or couples. There are many sites which offer bi meiden chat to find someone perfect for their dating. Some of the features that you should look for in your bisexual dating site are mentioned below.

Easy sign up: Many websites offer easy and small sign up process in order to create your profile on that website. Most of the bisexual dating sites are for free. You just need to provide your basic details and your profile will be created in just few minutes. You should ignore those websites which ask hundreds of inappropriate questions and details about you.

Safety: Safety, security and privacy are the three pillars of any successful dating website. These three factors should be taken into the consideration while selecting the best bisexual dating site that actually works for you. Many dating sites verify their users with verification code or password or with any other type of verification. Many dating sites also perform a background check on their users so that the website can be made 100% genuine with original profiles.

Who is suitable?

These dating sites are suitable for those who are looking forward to fulfill their bisexual fantasies. These sites are not porn sites but they are social sites. These websites provide a platform to bisexual people to meet up and have chat with each other. Those women who want to date a bisexual couple can register themselves on these websites for find similar people like them. Those bisexual singles and couples who are looking forward to meet some new people so that they can have fun and relationship in their life can use the services of these dating sites.