Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Landscape Designing"When it comes to the landscape designing all elements and factors should be taken into consideration. However, one that is commonly forgotten or treated as the least important are pathways. Landscape companies Colorado Springs spend a lot of attention on this aspect, due to a simple reason. Besides everything you will see in your garden or backyard, you will have to move across it and to stand somewhere. Here pathways come into action.

Wider is always better

Homeowners will try to save space by using narrow pathways. There is no need telling you how big mistake this is. First and foremost, nobody wants to walk across narrow paths, especially when there are a lot of people in the garden. You may get a few inches of extra space, but the entire effort will be affected. You will end up with a garden where moving is an issue, which will make sure you get plenty of negative comments.

Carefully chosen steps

Adding steps is recommended because they make the entire garden look and feel better, more elegant. Landscape companies Colorado Springs recommend 6-inch steps. They are the best choice due to the fact they create a perfect incline/decline. Larger or smaller steps are simply annoying!

Secure footing

Even the widest pathways and steps won’t do any good if they are made from the slippery material. Most homeowners choose granite because it looks great and expensive! Landscape companies Colorado Springs prefer using different types of material, such as rock or rock/concrete mixture. By using this, your pathways will be stable and non-slippery when the weather is bad, so you won’t end up in the mud. In order to make sure this aspect is in the best light, make sure all paved surfaces are between 1 and 2 inches raised above the ground. This will keep water away from them.

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